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Your initial sketch scheme design

Once you have completed your initial project feasibility, it is time to start working up initial sketch scheme design

Before taking this step, there may be some critical pieces of information which need to be collated to help us provide you with the most appropriate design proposal.

These can include (but are not limited to):

Desktop & non-intrusive surveys

Basic measured surveys

Simple hand measurement of the proposed site area, and capturing of any existing infrastructure and potential obstacles affecting the proposed development

Land searches

Desktop assessment of any elements which may have an impact on the planning application, such as easements, restrictive covenants, boundaries etc. These will need to be taken in to account before progressing to more detailed design phases

Conditions surveys

Expert assessment of the condition of the existing infrastructure intended to form part of any proposed development

Structural assessment

Physical condition survey of the suitability of any existing structures by a competent person (qualified engineer), whether referring to existing foundations, or forming part of the proposed structure to be developed

Topographical surveys

Extremely useful yet cost-efficient surveys which provide the end user with the ‘lay of the land’ so to speak. Critical for any initial sketch scheme/2D design work, and usually as a pre-cursor to more detailed measured surveys such as:

Point Cloud Surveys

Highly detailed 3D mapping of existing structures and infrastructure to enable fully rendered data to be created and incorporated in to the detail design of the new structures. These are particularly useful where clients are seeking to upgrade, modify or extend existing buildings or grandstands. It also enables our specialist design team to design the whole scheme in 3D, thus enabling much quicker and simpler transition to rendered images for onward client, such as at public consultations and fan forums Buried services surveys – desktop assessment of available record information from statutory undertakers, potentially progressing to GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) or similar exploratory methods to either confirm existing, or close any gaps in record information

Intrusive survey works

Geotechnical and geophysical surveys

Physical sampling and laboratory testing to ascertain the condition and chemical composition of the strata of the site area, enabling informed proposals for the most suitable foundation type, sizing and any necessary ground remediation/preparation

Concrete cube test

Simple procedure to assess the compressive strength of existing concrete substrate – particularly crucial whereby ancillary structures are being constructed on top of/bearing on to existing concrete. This will guide our engineers as to the best method to adequately spread the load of any new infrastructure

Pull tests

Simple yet very effective tests to assess the viability of different types of fixing for any substrate (e.g. timber, steel deck or concrete). Commonly used for barriers and safe-standing rails which require fabrication and installation to cater for a pre-defined loading capability

Load testing

Typically used to assess the capacity of barriers and, more specifically, safe-standing systems to both ensure that the correct fixings have been used to achieve the recommended loadings, and also that deflection is kept to acceptable levels

Whatever your survey requirements, if our own specialist team are unable to deliver any of the above services, we can take the stress out of sourcing suitable specialists, by arranging these surveys on your behalf, using our extensive panel of pre-qualified survey partners.

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