Feasibility Studies

The first stage of your project

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An essential part of every project

Exploring the feasibility of a construction project is the most important, yet often overlooked stage of any scheme.

This is often due to common industry misconceptions or misinformation that these types of studies are only required where a potential project is of a large scale or complex in nature.

A feasibility study should be undertaken before you embark on the journey to deliver renovations or upgrades to your venue, no matter how large or small.

One needs to ascertain what the key deliverables are, and whether they are indeed achievable using traditional methods, or adopting a hybrid or modular approach. Likewise, whether they can be achieved on the existing site, or whether your future aspirations might be better suited to a new location.

Before we begin…

Are my plans achievable?

Whether the development is likely to be approved for planning and any associated challenges.

Which approach should I take?

Summary of the buildability of the proposed development.

Is the budget and time allocation suitable for my goals?

Cost and time benefits/risks of available build options.

Who do I need to speak to next?

List of site investigations and associated survey works likely to be required.

Which contractors might be able to help?

Procurement methodology analysis.

Who needs to see what, and when?

Initial engagement with statutory bodies.

The traditional route to deliver a feasibility study has typically been to engage with a construction consultant to compile the document, with input from a handful of suppliers, essentially providing snippets of feedback, usually without having seen much, if any, detail about the proposed scheme.

When a consultant has historically adopted, and is accustomed to, one method of project delivery, this can result in the production of a somewhat narrow set of recommendations, lacking in assessment of the full suite of potential development options available. This, in turn, can have an impact on the first stage of projected project costing, programme information and buildability advice provided.

At Stadium Solutions, we cut out the middleman and can therefore provide a more balanced and well-rounded feasibility study using our own industry-specific expertise, and drawing upon our experiences of having tried and tested different approaches across several decades in the industry.

This can also be delivered in a more cost and time-effective manner. In fact, we often offset the costs of any preliminary studies conducted against future construction costs if we are selected to partner you on your development journey.

For a no-obligation discussion about your proposed scheme, contact one of our specialist team