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Comprehensive designs enabling transparent costings

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Detailed design conceptions enabling accurate and reliable costings

Design is a linear process. It starts with an idea, which progresses to a defined brief, develops in to an initial sketch scheme, and ultimately on to a detailed design.

This detailed design then enables accurate and reliable costings to be compiled, giving you the confidence that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.


This is perhaps the most important stage of any project. At this point, the client may have identified a site or area of redevelopment, but there is no defined scope of works.

This is where consideration is given to the specific project deliverables, and creation of an indicative budget and timeframe to deliver the scheme.

Crucially, this is also where project risk and reward is assessed, and a business case is developed to justify the potential project.

Stadium Solutions can feed in to this process by offering buildability and high-level cost and programme advice – typically this will be free of charge, and we can draw from our 40 years of experience in delivering every type and scale of project conceivable from grass roots to Premier League.

Project Brief / Scope of Works

Once the key deliverables of a potential project have been identified, a scope of work can start to be compiled which will help distinguish what the project might need to look like and how it needs to function. This is also where it is appropriate to begin identifying the various site investigations and surveys which might need to be prepared before progressing to the design stages. These documents form the basis of initial discussions with potential suppliers, whether the intention is to tender the project or negotiate with a contractor directly

Sketch Scheme / Initial Design

With a project brief and key deliverables in hand, an initial set of design options can be compiled and presented to the client team for assessment, critique and ultimately, refinement of the scope of works. Again, this is an area where, dependent upon the size and complexity of the project, the Stadium Solutions team can assist either free of charge, or for a very limited fee through the creation of, not just sketch design, but high-level costings. This will then enable the Contractor to transition to detailed design much more seamlessly.

Detailed / Technical Design

Once the preferred sketch scheme design has been agreed, and the scope of works shaped and refined, then the Stadium Solutions team can introduce specialist. package designers (e.g. groundworks / structure / seating systems etc.) in to the process to help shape the final design pack, and enable the quantifying of materials, resulting in the production of both a final contract price, and a manufacturing and construction programme. This is also where the detailed structural assessment and compilation of structural calculations is completed by our in-house engineers. At this point, project certainty is achieved, and formal decisions can be taken by the client team.

Typically, clients can spend up to 10% of the project’s overall value in appointing various consultants and designers to progress through this stage – by engaging with one turnkey supplier such as Stadium Solutions, you only need deal with one point of contact, and it is possible that any design fees will be offset against the final construction cost of the project, thus saving significantly over the traditional methods.

Manufacturing & construction drawings

Prior to the commencement of the construction phase, the Client can relax, safe in the knowledge that the Stadium Solutions team is working in the background to transfer the detailed architectural pack in to the final set of fabrication drawings – there can be hundreds of different components involved in any given scheme, and each one will be designed, calculated and modelled before being released to our fabricators for manufacturing. This will also provide our expert construction and installation teams with fully detailed setting-out and reference guides to ensure a smooth and efficient build.

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