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Our first-class seating system

The VIP seating options enables your venue to be fitted with the one seating system, saving instillation costs, reducing maintenance and allowing seat interchangeability at any time.

Premium spectator experiences

Deliver luxury seating solutions

At Stadium Solutions we have access to both the cost effective PEL, Restall and Sutton VIP models, and the industry-leading BOX range of rail-mounted VIP seats, including both low and high backed options.

We will deliver first-class embroidered directors seating, upholstered seats for your hospitality boxes, or dugout bucket seats to provide premium spectator experiences.


Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our VIP seating designs. All components used in the seats can be recycled or reused, whilst the geometry has been designed to reduce material and energy consumption. The tight-folding design eases instillation time and maximises clearway between rows – doubling spectator accessibility and improving disabled user comfort.

Options & Benefits

Our state-of-the-art seating solutions will seamlessly meet your unique demands and seating requirements on existing or new stands. Our innovative range of custom engineered seats that will suit all your venue’s requirements with one single system.


Our seats come with wide range of customisable accessories and features, including a broad colour palette to ensure that your seating is consistent with your club’s colours and branding.

Explore our VIP seating products

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