Stadium Reprofiling

Extending stadium life, restoring grandstand capacity

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Sustainable alternatives to industry norms

When a grandstand is perceived to have reached the end of its useful life, the industry norm is to recommend demolition and new build. We believe that, in most instances, there is a more cost, time and environmentally sustainable answer.

Sustainable long-term infrastructure

Restoring safety and functionality

More often that not, a grandstand might be structurally sound and provide the required functionality but is at risk of becoming a maintenance liability, and is likely to cause mid to long term issues when considered against the requirements of a safety certificate inspection.

In most cases, capacity reductions/restrictions on use are imposed due to a combination of:

1 – Inconsistent tread depths, riser heights and step sizes

2 – Poor/dangerous concrete condition

3 – Insufficient gangway widths and egress options

4 – Restricted sightlines

Effective stadium reprofiling

By designing a whole new terrace, but using the existing infrastructure to our advantage, we can re-cast a brand new structure over your problem terrace, featuring best practice dimensions, improving access & egress arrangements, and restoring full capacity.

We can extend the life of the structure by another 25+ years for a tiny fraction of the cost of demolition and re-build.

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