Durable and reliable turnstiles

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Fully self-contained turnstile buildings to meet your exact requirements

Turnstiles are an important feature for a ground and should be safe, durable, reliable and be able to handle high volumes of fans. At Stadium Solutions we manufacture fully self-contained turnstile buildings, allowing two queues in and out of your ground through manually operated turnstiles.


All our Turnstiles are fully manually operated, so there are no electronics to stop working and let you down, as crowds are coming through. Our Turnstile products include counters as standard features, so there is no extra cost to you to track your spectator capacity. Safety and reliability are important characteristics for Turnstiles and Stadium Solutions stands behind the high-quality of our Turnstile products.

Options & Benefits

Both Turnstiles and Turnstile Buildings can be customised to meet your exact requirements and budget. Our Turnstile Buildings can incorporate pay booths with a lockable steel door. We fit our Turnstile Buildings with two sliding crowd doors that are operated from inside the pay booth. Your Turnstile Building can have waist-height or full-height turnstiles, depending on your needs.


Turnstiles and Turnstile Buildings can be customised in your club colours or colour-matched with existing structures. See our sheeting colours options to see the vast array of colours available.

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