Modular Stadium Construction

Full turnkey stadiums, from inception to completion

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Flexibility is key

If you need a full turnkey stadium delivered in less than 12 months from inception to completion, then there is no better option than a modular design and build stadium.

From demountable hybrids to traditional construction

Bespoke stadium construction

At Stadium Solutions, we believe that there are varying degrees of modularity – no one client and brief is the same, and there is therefore no ‘one size fits all’ system solution.

This is why we have developed a selection of different modular stadium solutions, ranging from hybrids of demountable and traditional construction to fully pre-fabricated structures; lightweight cantilevered roof coverings to fully tensile fabric structures.

Work alongside us

Whether your requirement is for a 10 year ‘stop-gap’ solution, or a legacy alternative to a traditionally built stadium, consult with the Arena Stadium Solutions team before you take your next step.

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