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The Galvanising Guarantee

We saw a painted stand recently that our client bought earlier in 2020 and in less than 12 months it had rusted before payments were even finished. After conducting thorough research, they came to us for an investment that was built to last.

To get technical, a non-galvanised or painted metal breaks down as oxygen attacks the surface. Oxygen creates iron oxide which flakes away from the metal and exposes fresh steel to the elements.

Coating the steel in a layer of zinc stops oxygen and water reaching the metal beneath therefore preventing rust. An unprotected surface will start to rust very quickly. Once you’ve invested in a new stand the last thing you want to happen is rust and deterioration, and you want it to look as good as the day we installed it in years to come. A painted stand will need rubbing down and re-painting regularly.

The images here compare the rusted stand to our galvanised product which requires no maintenance and will remain rust-free and safe for use. By galvanising the structure and treads in all our stands, we guarantee you a future-proof solution every time. Get in touch to discuss your own requirements and see how we can help you with your stadia improvements!