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Canvey Island FC look forward to a new Covered Stand!

Canvey FC have a senior side in Step 4 playing at Park Lane, and the new stand is to built at a nearby sports centre where Canvey Youth play. With 46 sides, both boys and girls, they have leased other pitches on Canvey and in addition have a special needs group that use the pitch where the stand is to be installed – an area called “The Cope”.

Paul Smith has been running the Youth section with Rod Hall Jnr and they saw a need to get the area as professional as possible, so The Cope also has new dugouts and perimeter fencing. The new 120 Covered Standing Terrace will enhance the area further and give Canvey Youth and the special needs group a boost but also much needed coverage from the weather.

Rod Hall Snr says, “We are looking forward with anticipation to this upgrade and will be seeking a suitable person to open the stand”.

With installation required by February 2020, we’re excited to help the club grow and see reward for their players, community and facilties with one of our high-quality custom made pitchside stands.