Grandstand FAQ

Will all spectators have a good view?

Yes. Our special cantilever roof design guarantees uninhibited views from anywhere in the Grandstand. There are no pillars or poles in the construction that can obstruct views. This creates an enjoyable experience for all your fans, regardless of where they are sitting

Can we add new seating once the Grandstand is installed?

Yes. All our designs are modular and this means that stands can easily be extended or other facilities added in the future

How much maintenance will the stand require and how well do they stand up to weather?

Stadium Solutions uses only galvanised steel for our structures and treads for all our stands. This means our stands require very little to no maintenance and will remain rust-free for years to come

Seated Stands FAQ

What happens to our stands if we have to move or change the layout of our venue?

Our Seated Stands can be dismantled and moved, either to a new position or a different ground if your club moves and/or expands. Extensions and new modules can easily be added to the ends of existing Seated Stands. This means you can start small and build up, if necessary

Will our pitch be damaged during the installation?

No. Our stands are delivered to your site in sections. This means that we can walk the stand into position, without the need for cranes or heavy vehicles that may damage your pitch. This is especially advantageous if access to your site is limited or narrow or we are adding facilities to existing structures

Do your stands meet the Green Guide to Safety Standards?

Yes. The rise and going of the treads for our Seated Stands are designed in line with the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds Standards, ensuring safety and comfortable leg room in all seats

Terraced Stands FAQ

Are Terraced Stands only for football venues?

No. Terraced Stands can be used for a variety of sporting venues, not just football clubs. Stadium Solutions has worked with many different sports clubs, such as rugby and hockey. Terraced Stands are a good entry-level option for smaller clubs or clubs with budget constraints. In fact, all our stand products can be used for any type of sporting venue.

Do the Terraced Stand meet the Green Guide to Safety Standards?

Regardless of what type of sports stand you choose; we strictly follow the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds standards in our designs. This is to ensure safe viewing conditions for both spectators and players.

We are not sure if we should get seated stands or terraced stands – can you help us?

Yes. We work hand-in-hand with our customers from start to finish. We can advise you what stand product will best suit your needs and your budget. Let our in-house designers help you design the most suitable stand for your venue.

Covered Stands

Do you only provide the stands? Do we have to hire a company to do the installation?

No. Stadium Solutions services are available from design, demolition, manufacture to construction of your entire project. There is no need to hire anyone else.

Will some fans have obstructed views?

No. All our Covered Stands are designed to give spectators uninhibited pitch views, wherever they may be standing or sitting. Our special cantilevered roof design means there are no pillars or posts obstructing spectators’ views.

We only need a small covered stand to start with. Can this be extended this in the future?

Yes. All our products are modular, which means they can easily be expanded in the future, if your club or fan base grows. This means you can start small. At Stadium Solutions we understand that budget is just as important design, so let our designers find a design that best suits your needs, as well as budget.

Dugouts and Team Shelters

Do the Dugouts have to be fixed in place?

No. You can choose to have your Dugouts made with wheels, which allows them to be portable and moved as needed.

We don’t have the budget for a big Dugout right now – can it be expanded?

Yes. We can start with our standard 8 people Dugout design and then extend it to any size you need. This modular design means you can start small and increase as needed.

What type of seats are in the Dugouts?

You can customise the type of seat in your Dugout. This can be either bench style or tip-up seating

Turnstile and Turnstile buildings

Do the turnstiles have be incorporated into an existing structure?

Not necessarily. Our Turnstile products can be used as a standalone feature or can be incorporated into an existing unit. Tell us what you are looking for and let our in-house designers come up with a design that meets your needs and budget.

Are the turnstiles manual or electronic?

Our Turnstiles have no electronics and are fully manually operated. This means there are no electronics that could fail at a critical juncture and disappoint your fans.

What if we need to add more turnstiles at a later date?

Our Turnstiles and Turnstile Buildings can easily be expanded, if your club or fan base grows.

Pitch Perimeter Fencing

How do we know what height fence our club needs?

Talk to our experienced in-house designers about your requirements. They will assess your needs and give you advice on what height of Ground Fencing best meets your specific needs.

We have a limited budget for our fencing project – can you help us?

Yes. Stadium Solutions utilises both in-house designers and in-house manufacturing, which means we can keep costs low. We will work with you to find a Ground Fencing design that meets both your budget and design needs.

How to Order FAQ

How do I order?

Please contact us using the enquiry form or by phone – 01273 835738.
It is usually best for us to speak to you first as all our stands and products are built to order.

General questions

Can you provide drawings for us in the planning stages?

Yes we offer a professional draughtsman service and can provide drawings and layout to assist with planning control (subject to conditions). Our design drawings are constructed in a 3D modelling environment using the latest software.

What will the finish be on our new stand?

Our heavy duty (larger) stands are fully galvanised. Our lightweight range can be either galvanised, for low maintenance, or powder coated in a colour of your choice. Balustrades, crush barriers and handrails are powder coated. We sheet using metal Plastisol sheeting available in a range of colours. All our stands are built to last.

Can we add extra items to our stand?

There are numerous additional products we supply that you can incorporate into your stand as required. These include:

Disabled areas

Security mesh to keep the stand secure, for instance if your ground is part of a public area


Clear polycarbonate ends

Padded seats

Directors areas

Bigger fascias for advertising boards

Press areas

Seat numbers

Choice of colours for tip-up seats and sheeting

Speak to us so we can help you design your stand to match your vision.

How will I know a new stand will fit?

We can custom design bespoke stands to fit the space that you have. Site visits are helpful for us to look at a ground and discuss the best options with you. When quoting we always include the stand dimensions so you can assess whether the footprint is suitable, or whether we need to tailor certain elements to make it fit. There is always a solution!

If we buy a stand now, can it be extended in the future?

Yes, all our stands are built in a modular design and are easily extended or moved. Start small and let your stand grow with your club.

How will you erect a new stand at our ground when we have no vehicular access to our pitch?

This is not a problem for us, because as long as we can walk to where you want your stand to go, we can erect where you need us to. Our stands are delivered in piece-by-piece sections and at many smaller grounds we carry the stand to its position and have no need for lorries or cranes churning up your pitch.

What do we need to do to prepare for the installation?

All we need the club to do before we come to erect is have a concrete base ready for us to fix to. We provide the specification for the base in advance.

We don't require power as our installation team can run generators for use during the build.

Can you refurbish existing stands?

Yes there are options available for refurbishing. We can supply new tip-up seats for your stand to give it a revamp, we can re-sheet existing stands, alter and re-new terracing, and also change standing terracing into seated accommodation. Contact us to find out what can be done with your facilities.

Payment queries

Do we have to pay for our new stand up front? What if we are waiting for grant money?

Our standard spectator stand payment terms are 20% of contract value as deposit with order, followed by 35% on commencement on site, 35% on erection of steel frame and terracing, and 10% on completion. We understand that sometimes grants take a while to apply for and we are always happy to discuss the best way forward with each individual club.

Our Standards

What is the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, and do you comply?

The Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, sometimes known as the ‘Green Guide’ or ‘Green
Code’ is written by the SGSA (Sports Grounds Safety Authority) and its aim is to ensure safe conditions at all Sports Grounds in England and Wales.

The latest edition was published in 2018 by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. All of our stands are built in compliance with the Green Guide.

What is ground grading? Do we need to upgrade our facilities if we are moving to the next step?

The FA and the National League System provide standardised National Ground Gradings, or steps. Grades run from Grade A (top flight clubs) to Grade H. The NLS incorporates 7 steps. As your club progresses to the next step, there will be new minimum ground grading requirements that you must meet, such as minimum spectator capacities and pitch perimeter barriers. Just contact us with your new requirements and we will be happy to provide you with the best solutions in order to meet your ground upgrade.