Construction of your new stand

Once the foundation base is completed, the construction stage of the project begins. Stadium Solutions’ team of erectors will be on site ready to install and ensure that this final stage of the project is completed without problems and most importantly, on time. Our experienced and knowledgeable erecting team install our spectator stands all over the country and will make sure that the installation is smooth and that the finish is to the highest standard, all without damaging your structures or pitch.

Since Stadium Solutions has its own manufacturing facility, it gives us the ability to deliver light weight stand components in a piece-by-piece form. This means that you will save money by not having to hire any cranes to erect or large lorries to deliver the stands. But vitally it also means that large vehicles will not have to drive across your pitch and damage it. This is a unique service that we are proud to offer.

Construction begins by setting out the stand for the foundation bolts. In the next stage, the steelwork is erected and the stand starts going up. This is followed by the decking, the balustrading on the ends and the fitting of the seats. Finally our team will sheet the structure with our highly durable Plastisol sheeting and finish off with the flashings.

At every stage of construction, we will work closely with you to make sure that the structure meets the design requirements you set forth and that construction proceeds accordingly with your time schedule. Stadium Solutions’ erecting team take great pride in their work and together will build a highly valuable asset for your ground; one that you can continue to be proud of for years to come. As our stands are all fully galvanised they will not require any maintenance and we can truly guarantee they are built to last.