Seated Spectator Stands

All our stands are built to accommodate your individual needs, and we can design to fit the space you have.

Our seated stands are of a unique cantilever construction and are fully sheeted with metal Plastisol sheeting. Tip-up seats can be supplied in varying colours.

Our light weight seated stands start at 50 people, going up to 2000 seats for the bigger club. Our standard light weight design is 4 treads with disabled area. We can design your stand with more or less treads, depending on your specific requirements.

Our heavy duty seated stands, mainly for clubs needing larger capacity of 500+ seats, are a structural steel main frame with pre-cast concrete terrace units.

Disabled areas and ramps can be integrated into your stand, which is a requirement of some Steps. As we make our stands to order, you can have a disabled zone incorporated into any part of your stand - centrally at the front, or on either end. Being in the centre allows it to be extended if needed later on.

We can also incorporate press tables and segregation balustrades for director’s areas.

If you play in a public area or park, we manufacture stands with security mesh. These secure weld mesh panels lift out when you have a game and easily slot back in.

All our stands are designed to give uninterrupted pitch views. Line of sight is so important for your spectators and our stands will always provide the optimum viewing experience, in line with the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds recommendations. Likewise we build with the recommended rise and going of the treads to give prime line of sight, plenty of leg room and allow your spectators to sit comfortably.

It is good to know that both our light weight and heavy duty stands can be dismantled and moved, either to a new position or a different ground if your club moves and expands.